Q A Testing
Being a leading provider of full-cycle quality assurance and application testing services, we at VMD Technologies know that quality is achieved through extensive knowledge, optimized workflows, and collaborative efforts.
QA consulting offered by VMD Technologies professionals is not just a traditional consulting, but a complete, 360°process of QA audit. We provide a documented analysis of your project, along with fact-and-experience oriented recommendations, extensive knowledge sharing, real-time trainings, and KPI-based improvement of all processes within your QA department.
With this unique 360° approach VMD Technologies is able to deliver transparent picture of the opportunities and threats facing your project. We deliver knowledge for your successful moving forward, covering tactical bottlenecks and implementing your strategic goals.
Our QA Process Improvement Service is used to optimize the software quality assurance process. VMD Technologies skilled experts analyze existing procedures, their efficiency, and their strengths and weaknesses with regard to business/product objectives. We also can build processes from scratch. VMD Technologies customers receive recommendations on process restructuring, improvements and optimal implementation methods. In-house QA Team Setup
Our In-House Quality Assurance Team Setup Service is aimed at helping customers conduct their own software testing activities in-house. VMD Technologies professional management specialists work at a customer's premises to build up an independent QA team, organize training, and refine all work and management processes within the team. This service can be based on the results of an SQA process audit and/or can be related to other software testing activities.