One small word of caution-remembers the old saying: "When the only tool/platform you have is a hammer, everything looks like a pin." Dot Net is a great and vast platform to develop applications. Of course, while you're learning, feel free to do everything with Dotnet; just remember that when the time comes to put your skills into practice, you should always use the best platform for the job.
This site is intended to teach you how to program, to teach you new & fresh tips of .net technologies. However, if you have experience on .Net Technologies, you will find this site to be an invaluable resource. Ideally, when you are facing a problem, this site will contain tips & tricks that provides the solution, or at least it will point you in the right direction. Rather, you must use them and experiment with them by writing code, code, and more code.
Dot-NET and Ecommerce
Today, many businesses implement ecommerce solutions such as selling books, music, and computer hardware. Dot-NET doesn't necessarily change the nature of these existing businesses. However, dot-NET can make it is easier to start new small businesses and allow customers to more easily find these businesses online. Microsoft is an active participant in efforts to develop the Universal Discovery, Description, and Integration (UDDI) system, that could turn out to be a worldwide registry service for dot-NET applications.
In addition to a standard discovery mechanism for services, dot-NET also may further the development of automatic usage tracking and micropayment systems. A key element of the dot-NET initiative is the establishment of a computational "nervous system" through which all network traffic passes in a managed way. Microsoft hopes to achieve this through the development of standard Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and also through their ownership of managed Web server farms.