Cloud Computing
Cloud computing is spreading through enterprises as it enables the agility sought by global organizations. The rapid adoption of cloud computing can be attributed to a latent need in both the end user organizations as well as the IT industry for a delivery mechanism that is ubiquitous, scalable and elastic, with equally elastic expense outlays. Improved agility, reduced CAPEX and OPEX, faster time to market, among others, are just some of the business benefits experienced by the organizations moving to the cloud.
Cloud computing has fundamentally altered the way software is delivered. Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) are focusing on how to position their products as a service. Before deciding to offer traditional license mode, pure Software as a Service (SaaS) mode, or a dual mode, the ISV must factor in product readiness considering the existing and prospective user base, as well as new investments that must be made to achieve the desired delivery mechanism. The ISV should also understand the competitive price points for the products offered through different delivery mechanisms, especially as compared with generally lower entry price points offered byproducts offered only as SaaS. It is also important to factor in investment for scalability in the SaaS model since customers expect on-demand additional resources during their peak consumption periods.
Based on the strong experience in the application development area, VMD Technologies has developed following offerings:
Cloud Assessment Services – Application Readiness : Cloud Assessment services for checking application readiness towards moving it to the cloud platform with the help of questionnaire, workshop and pilot.
Cloud Application Management Services : Development / Maintenance of an application on cloud based platform using multiple technologies considering cloud specific services.
Cloud Application Migration Services : Migration services for moving existing on-premise / private cloud applications developed using various technologies, over to the public cloud and thereafter enhancement leveraging cloud services.